The Boob Tube (TV)

I was trying to find a fancy name for this blog 😛 so I searched up synonyms of TV on google and it gave me “boob tube” and “idiots box”… I chose the boob tube. so in case you haven’t realized yet I’m going to be talking about TV shows and yes I am an expert considering how much time I spend on freeprojecttv and ch131…. I watch a lot of shows but I’m just going to talk about the ones that really stand out to me and are really worth watching…
1. Castle- Castle is my all time favorite show and I honestly have nothing bad to say about it. If I’m in a bad mood while most shows can only distract me castle actually makes me feel better. It’s a really feel good show and follows the life of a witty mystery writer by the name Rick castle and the gorgeous detective Beckett. The show has good messages, awesome characters, it’s a crime type show (which I love), and it makes you laugh. I personally recommend castle to every single person on this earth.
2. Orange is the New Black- So I basically love all shows that curse but Orange is the New Black in particular is one my favorites. This show is hilarious and there is a huge range of characters with really interesting backgrounds. What I love most about this show though is the mood, I don’t know exactly how to describe it but it feels incredibly real and not story-like
3. Hannibal- I originally started watching Hannibal because I decided I wanted to be a doctor and figured that Hannibal was a good way to get over my fear of blood. A lot of people don’t want to watch Hannibal because it sounds scary but it’s really not. First of all the main character (Will) is beautiful and he’s also really intense and smart. Then there’s Hannibal who is an incredibly intelligent and calm psychopath who also seems to be able to think of the best puns ever. I really can’t do this show enough justice but I can say one thing with complete confidence: You have never and will never see another show like Hannibal; it is the most different and fascinating show I have ever watched.
those were my top three favorites but here are some honorable mentions 😛
Orphan black, merlin, skins, americas next top model (don’t laugh), how to get away with murder, Greys Anatomy, Scandal (I just started but it’s really good), and there are probably many more that I can’t think of right now.
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A beginners blog

I don’t know how anyone could have possibly found this but if you happen to stumble upon this (which if you’re reading this I assume you have) Welcome! Anyways, I have no idea what I am suppose to write about in my first blog post so I think I’ll start with the basics of why I’m making this blog. THERE IS NO REASON. Just joking, I’m making this because my mom told me to and I wanna be #blogfamous (if that’s even a thing) Joking again, kind of… But really though I think I just want to share the insights I have on life with other people. I know I personally love reading what types of lipbalm people use, and what TV shows they find interesting so I decided on making my very own blog, where I’m going to be talking about everything and anything. Like literally anything (be prepared for an entire blog post about how much I hate vegetables) I’m going to go watch the new episode of shark tank now so, thank you so much for reading this,